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The Balanced Money Toolkit

Need some balance?  This toolkit will help you get your money and your mindset organized so that you can start making progress toward your financial goals.  These tools are a great first step to educating yourself and taking control of your finances, but remember you are not alone.  We are available to help you whenever you have questions.  Just use the button below to send us a message.

5 Steps to Start Your Financial Plan

This e-book is a great place to start.  Get in the financial planning mindset and follow these 5 steps to create your own basic financial plan.


Balanced Money Goal Worksheet

Financial planning starts with defining clear goals.  Use this template for a brainstorming session to capture what goals you have in all areas of your life and then gain clarity on how money will help you reach them.

The Minimalist Financial Account Checklist

This guide outlines the essential financial accounts that you need.  If you feel overwhelmed, this is the guide to help you focus on the essentials.  

Investments: Services

Financial Spreadsheets 

Net Worth Calculator

Use this spreadsheet to build your balance sheet.  This will help you capture a value for everything you own and everything you owe.


Financial Expense Calculator

How much do you spend each month?  This spreadsheet will help you capture where all of your money goes so that you can evaluate your cash flow.


Debt Payoff Strategy

Use this spreadsheet to organize your debt and create a plan to get it paid off.

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