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Did you know that money is the #1 cause of stress among Americans?*

With the pace of our lives and the cost of all of our responsibilities, it is difficult to know if we are always making the best financial decisions.   Whether it's managing a business or a career, paying for education, making time for what you love, or figuring out retirement, all of these things can cause financial stress.  You are not alone. I completely understand.

I'm Jeran and I founded Centered Financial because I've experienced how difficult it is to try to make it all work.  Sometimes we don't know where to start, sometimes we don't know if we are doing it right, and sometimes we just need support to keep us centered on what really matters. 

We, at Centered Financial, are that support.  We listen to you, and we seek to understand you and your relationship with money.  We then work with you to help you feel organized, educated, and empowered.

I invite you to work with us and start the process to center your money on what matters most to you.


About: About Me
Meet The Team

Jeran Van Alfen, CFP®

Founder and Financial Planner

Melissa Picture.jpg

Melissa Turner

Executive Manager


Tim Lackey, ChFC®

Financial Planner


We have made strategic decisions to form partnerships with professional teams that add efficiency and reinforce our commitment to you.

Business Group


Choosing a custodian for our client's assets is an important process.  A custodian has the legal responsibility for the safekeeping of your money.  This is where you open your account and the level of service, support, and protection that you receive is a direct reflection of the custodian that we choose.  We consistently monitor these relationships so that you can have peace of mind that your money is secure.

(Team pictured are not actual employees of the custodian)

Computer with Graph


Focus Point Solutions is our back office team that provides daily support to our staff through:

  • Administrative and account service activities

  • Technology coordination

  • Investment research

  • Trading activity

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