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Case Study #2

Late Career and Life Transitions


Name: Sandy

Age: 59

Profession: Corporate Manager

Spouse: Divorced

Family: Daughter and Son, 3 grandchildren, Mother will be dependent in the future


This is a representation of typical client situations. This is not an actual client.

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Make work optional in 3 years, make smart investment choices, and understand her options for Social Security, stock options, etc.

Sandy has had a great career.  She is a vice president in her company and manages a successful team.  She plans to work at least 3 more years, however, she wants to make sure that she makes the right choices now to be financially independent and retire on her terms.

She divorced about 5 years ago and she is not re-married.  She wants to make financial decisions that maintain her independence.

Sandy has two adult children and her 30 year old son, still needs financial help sometimes.

Her mother is aging and will most likely move in with Sandy in the next 5 years.


Comprehensive financial plan with focus on creating passive income in retirement, coordinating benefits, Social Security analysis, Portfolio recommendations, and investment strategy.

Discovery and Organization Process:

  • The first conversation with Sandy was about understanding her perspective, her experience with financial advisors, and where she felt she faced challenges and needed assistance.

  • We then discussed her vision for the next few years, focusing on what would be the best case scenario and what challenges she may face.

    • Sandy wants the option to stop working even though she still loves her job.​

    • She would like to stay active in retirement with a second career and investing in real estate

  • ​As we got to know each other, we coordinated a process to examine Sandy's portfolio and work benefits.​

    • She has done well in saving for retirement despite losing part of her retirement portfolio in her divorce.​

    • Her company provides a profit-sharing contribution into her 401(k) along with an option for a deferred-compensation plan.

    • She has incentive stock options that she needs guidance on.

  • We examined her social security benefits, insurance benefits, and will and trust documents.

Strategy Sessions​

  • A cash flow analysis helped determine the essential expenses and lifestyle expenses Sandy would need to pay for in retirement.

  • A review of Sandy's investment portfolio included a recommended asset allocation for now as well as how to adjust for income in retirement.

  • Recommendations were made for coordinating her social security benefit with her divorced spouse benefit.

  • A strategy was created for taking her incentive stock options efficiently and using proceeds to invest in rental real estate.

  • These recommendations were stress tested with various scenarios including:

    • Caring for her aging mother​

    • Managing expenses for her adult son

    • Working with market fluctuations

    • Anticipating rising health care costs


Peace of mind knowing her investments are appropriate and her successful career is optional going forward

Sandy has a plan that educates her on her important financial decisions before she has to make them.  She has the clarity that she needs to not worry about her future.

  • Her cash flow analysis provides a clear picture of her essential expenses in retirement compared to her guaranteed income sources.  This allows Sandy to see how much she can spend and helps her determine possible choices for a second career, if needed.

  • Her portfolio is invested properly and we have implemented a service schedule to collaborate and discuss her investment progress.

  • She has a defined plan on how to receive Social Security, deferred compensation, and stock option proceeds.

  • She has a clear understanding of the costs associated with retirement, care for her mother and her son, and her own un-planned expenses.

  • Sandy has built a working relationship with us to manage her portfolio.  She receives ongoing education to help her continue to visualize how her hard work will pay for her life, her projects in retirement, and experiences with her children and grandchildren.

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