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How to Retire in the 2020s eBook

In this eBook, Centered Financial founder Jeran Van Alfen, CFP® discusses how to plan ahead for retirement and the pivotal decisions that need to be made during the process.  Jeran covers the following topics:

  • How to understand the "New Retirement"

  • What does your retirement really look like?

  • Where will you live and how much will it cost?

  • How will you pay for large expenses?

  • How your lifestyle will affect your money.

  • Where will your paycheck come from?

  • How will inflation affect you?

  • A powerful tool in your portfolio that you can use to create a "work optional" life.

Complimentary eBook

How to Retire in the 2020s

This eBook explains 5 key decisions that will help you retire successfully and make work optional.

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