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A Fidelity Viewpoint: Election 2020, What it Could Mean for Investors.

Fidelity recently posted a viewpoint that breaks down what their asset managers are watching for in the upcoming Presidential Election.

Here are the key takeaways from this article:

  • Expect short-term stock market volatility as the election heats up. But longer term, economic fundamentals are likely more important drivers for stocks than who wins the White House.

  • A Biden presidency could mean more economic stimulus than a Trump second term, but also higher taxes on businesses, higher income people, and capital gains.

  • While President Trump has focused on deregulation, a Biden administration would likely re-regulate certain industries. Among the possible targets: Fossil fuels, financial services, health care, and big tech.

  • Stock buybacks have been a significant source of returns for stock investors over the past decade. Democrats could move to limit them, while Republicans would likely support the status quo.

To read the entire article click here: Election 2020: What it Could Mean for Investors

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