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Testing and Treating Covid-19: Fidelity Commentary

The Covid-19 health crisis continues to have an impact on our daily lives. With many states beginning to ease restrictions this month, it is important to understand what progress is being made to create a safe environment.

Fidelity released a commentary in April outlining the key viewpoints from their healthcare analyst with regard to the global health crisis. This article does a great job of discussing the impact of the work being done in the healthcare sector to create an environment where our community and economy can recover.

Here are some key excerpts:

  • "One thing to remember is that the United States is 50 different states- all 50 states are going to go through their own epidemic curve.

  • "It's obvious we cannot live in a world where our economies are locked down forever. So we need to go back to being able to manage this at the community level, at the regional level, at the state level. And then in the longer run we are going to need a health care breakthrough to get to herd immunity- and that's going to be a vaccine."

  • "Widespread testing and continued containment are important because countries that have started to mobilize and to try to reopen their economies have seen some regression."

  • "There are four types of drugs being researched right now: Antiviral medications, drugs for antibody development, anti-inflammatory drugs, and vaccines."

Please click here to view the article.

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