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Taxes in Retirement Webinar 

October 7, 2020

In this webinar, Centered Financial founder Jeran Van Alfen, CFP® discusses how to plan ahead for taxes in retirement.  Jeran covers the following topics:

  • The changing rules for a new generation of retirees.

  • The SECURE Act and its impact on your retirement strategy.

  • How rising taxes may affect your retirement cash flow.

  • A basic understanding of our current tax rules.

  • Potential roadblocks to be aware of before retirement.

  • How the upcoming election may affect the tax laws.

  • Ways to potentially reduce taxation of Social Security benefits.

  • Strategies to implement now to create a solid retirement plan.

Complimentary eBook

How to Retire in the 2020s

This eBook explains 5 key decisions that will help you retire successfully and make work optional.

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